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Humanitarian Law-Iraq
AHL v. United States, Petition No. P-1258-04 at OAS on Behalf of Falluja Hospital Victims

On November 19, 2004, the Association of Humanitarian Lawyer filed an emergency petition at the Organization of American States Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of “unnamed, unnumbered patients and medical staff, both living and dead, of the Falluja General Hospital and a trauma clinic.” We argued that these actions violate a number of provisions of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, and that the United States has no defense under humanitarian law rules to these violations. This is because the Geneva Conventions specifically prohibit attacks on medical facilities, personnel, and patients -- the time-coveted rule of medical neutrality.

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Humanitarian Law-Sri  Lanka
Sri Lanka

AHL has conducted training sessions with the North East Secretariat for Human Rights (NESOHR) in Sri Lanka as part of our long-time work on the Tamil question. The training addresses application of humanitarian law to the long armed conflict in Sri Lanka and to developing forward-looking strategies to the current peace process and economic development in the post-Tsunami period. Participants include several members of the Sri Lanka parliament, leading clergy and, especially, AHL board member attorney K. Sivapalan, President of the Bar Association of Trincomalee.

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Partnership with the Brussels Tribunal

The Brussels Tribunal, held in May 2004, was a watershed in getting together key attorneys from AHL, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, two former UN officials in Iraq, and the leading economic and cultural scholars from Iraq, the Arab world and Europe. The Brussels Tribunal continues as an organization, and has provided key support for the AHL OAS action in Falluja. The Brussels Tribunal contiues as an organization, and has provided key support for the AHL OAS action in Falluja. The most promenent journalist in Iraq has prepared an assessment of the heath care situation in Iraq to assist the AHL OAS action. The Brussels Tribunal is publishing this, along with the compilation, prepared by AHL's Karen Parker, of the relevant Geneva Convention articles regarding the situation of medical care in Iraq.

Congressional forum-Humanitarian Law
Congressional Forum

AHL will hold its third Congressional forum on the Kashmir situation in July 2005,co- hosted by Senator Tim Johnson (Dem.,SD) and Congressman Joseph Pitts (Rep., PA) with Tom Harkin (Dem., Iowa) and 5 other members of Congress. These sessions, co-sponsored by the Kashmiri American Council, are widely viewed as precipitating the current thaw in the Kashmir situation, due to the participation of key leaders from all sides: India, Pakistan and Kashmir.

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Shibayama v. United States Petition No.

This action was originally filed by AHL in Federal District Court in San Francisco on behalf of three brothers of Japanese ancestry, originally citizens of Peru, who were seized in Peru by the United States Army during World War II, brought to the United States, and held in a detention camp while awaiting to be sent to Japan in exchange for United States citizens held by the Imperial Japanese forces.

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Humanitarian Law and Depleted Uranium
Weapons Containing Depleted Uranium(DU)

AHL continues to work on the issue of weapons containing depleted uranium (DU). AHL, in conjunction with groups in the UK, submitted on June 22, 2005 a letter to members of the EU Parliament, and will also submit documents on the illegality of DU weapons. This issue was also mentioned in the Iraq Hospital petitions.

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Assistance to UN Officials

AHL continues to provide research and other assistance to UN Special Rapporteurs, including their work on globalization and other economic human rights issues, terrorism and human rights, and other critical concerns. As none of the UN special investigators are paid, there is no possibility for AHL to be supported for this essential work except through donations.

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Humanitarian Law-Republik Maluku
Republik Maluku

Republik Maluku (the Moluccan Islands or the Maluku) lies off the eastern-most part of present-day Indonesia. The Moluccan people are part of a Melanesian people called Alifoeroes who have occupied what was known as the Spice Islands since at least 1000 BC. The problems arise because the Indonesian authorities broke the 1949 Round Table Conference Agreements between The Netherlands, the United Nations and what was to become the United States of Indonesia formally ending The Netherlands’ colonial rule in The Netherlands East Indies. The Conference Agreements allowed the component parts of The Netherlands East Indies to opt out of Indonesia and restore their pre-colonial independence. The Moluccans did so in 1950, declaring the independent Republic Maluku Selatan. Shortly thereafter, Indonesia invaded Republic Maluku and has occupied it ever since.

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