The UN Sub-Commission immediately took up the general issue of human rights and the environment, appointing one of its members to study it, a process that culminated in a full report that incorporated extensive guidelines and principles of human rights and the environment. AHL and Earthjustice assisted in the course of this process. The UN Commission, after review of the Sub-Commission’s work, appointed one of its members to investigate allegations toxic pollution and the dumping of toxic's. This procedure is still on-going as a part of the Commission’s mandate.

AHL and Earthjustice, along with Ecuadorian Indigenous groups also filed a “petition” (law suit) at the Organization of American States on behalf of the Huaorani Indians. Following this action, the American companies involved backed out of further oil development in Huaorani lands, and the government of Ecuador was compelled to expand protections for the Indigenous people. However, the issue of Indigenous rights and environmental protection continues to be a contentious issue throughout the Americas.