Association of Humanitarian Lawyers

The Association of Humanitarian Lawyers is dependent upon donations from individuals, corporations, or foundations and funding from other humanitarian organizations with specific needs for legal counsel. Our involvement with the United Nations and other international humanitarian organizations is completely supported by these donations and funding. Our ability to be proactive and assertive is dependent upon your donations. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and needed. Thank you in advance for your belief in human rights and your generosity.


How to Make Donations

Individuals may contribute by mailing a check to our office. For more detailed information about the Association, contact or call (415) 668-2752.


Mail donations to:
Association of Humanitarian Lawyers
154 Fifth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118 USA

Thank You!

Funding Information

Grants History
Ralston Fund (University of California at Berkeley School of Law) These grants (from 1982) paid for expenses for sessions of United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities for 6 years.

Hunt Alternatives Fund
This 1984 grant paid for expenses for 1984 session of United Nations Commission on Human Rights and the 1984 session of the Economic and Social Council.

J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation
A 1984 grant paid expenses at the United Nations sessions during which AHL secured the appointment of a special rapporteur for human rights and disability and for the DPI/IDL legal action at the Organization of American States Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (mentally ill and mentally retarded persons killed or injured when their hospital was bombed during US military action in Grenada.) (Note: this landmark case was the first in any human rights forum admitted against the US). A 1986 grant paid continuing expenses for UN and OAS work.

Capp Street Foundation
This 1986 grant paid partial expenses for a human rights mission to Pakistan.

American Friends Service Committee
This 1987 grant was for secretarial services, donations to peace charities and for expenses for continued work at the United Nations Human Rights forums.

Todos Juntos
This grant provided expenses for 4-person delegation to the 1988 US-USSR Summit in Moscow where we raised human rights concerns, especially of Native Americans. (Karen Parker, Nilak Butler, Antonio Gonzales and Russ Redman).

Hunt Alternatives Fund
This 1990 grant paid for expenses for United Nations Sub-Commission and for DPI international meeting in Bangkok (Jim Donald and attendant)

Todos Juntos
This 1990 grant supported on-going initiatives at United Nations from 1990 to 1994.

Kashmiri American Council
These grants from 1993 to 2004 paid partial expenses for AHL investigations in Indian-occupied Kashmir and for publication of reports.

Friends of Falun Gong
These 2003 and 2004 grants helped pay for expenses involved in several US cases against Chinese officials accused to human rights violations.

Anonymous Bequest
In 2000 AHL received a bequest that has been used to support our interns and other expenses from 2000 - 2005.

Donor Funds
From its inception, much of AHL's income has come from unsolicited donations from individuals from many countries and from all professions. Because of work promoting protection of hospitals in armed conflicts, AHL has received unsolicited donations from a number of medical doctors and specialized medical facilities. Donations vary in amount from several hundred to several thousands of dollars. Some of the donations are "matched" by a donor's employer. AHL has engaged in very limited direct solicitation due to lack of support staff and the additional financial burdens to pay for extra time for our accountant.