Association of Humanitarian Lawyers

Bombing of Iraq Hospital

The case is in process, and we submit supplemental documents as we uncover relevant facts. A supplemental document was submitted November 30, 2004. We are preparing another supplemental document, to be submitted before the Sub-Commission session, based on information obtained by journalist Dahr Jamail and other sources about the complete devastation of Falluja’s medical infrastructure and the detention of Falluja’s medical doctors.

International Educational Development/Humanitarian Law Project, a non-governmental organization, joined the action shortly after AHL's initial filing. A written statement by International Educational Development, Inc., was recently (June 2005) submitted to the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rightsand a second supplement to the original petition was submitted to the OAS on 08 July 2005.

The four documents, the original petition, supplement dated November 2004, supplement dated July 2005, and the written statement to the United Nations may be read in their entirety as well as Dahr Jamail's report.

Emergency Petition filed 19 November 2004

Supplement to Emergency Petition Filed 30 November 2004

Second Supplement Filed 08 July 2005

Written statement submitted by International Educational Development, Inc.

Journalist Dahr Jamail's Report