Association of Humanitarian Lawyers

AHL began working on the situation in the Moluccas in 1992, and since 1994 has maintained a partnership with Mena Muria Foundation (Netherlands). An AHL funded report was prepared in 1996 by AHLís Karen Parker and intern Rheeah T. Yoo, (then an undergraduate who went on to law school) and circulated at the United Nations and elsewhere. AHL and Mena Muria continue to present cases to UN special procedures and rapporteurs, especially in light to the serious repression since 2000 and the presence in the Moluccas of large numbers of the Laskar Jihadi, who have gone on an anti-Christian rampage. We also wish to address the fact that that key early UN documents involving the Moluccas case at the United Nations Commission for Indonesia are still embargoed, which we discovered in the preparation of our report and on a subsequent trip to UN headquarters in New York.

Additional Reference Material

Republik Maluku: The case for Self-determination