Association of Humanitarian Lawyers

Key Documents

Petition Submitted against U.S. Bombing of Iraq Hospitals

Petition seeking remedies on behalf of the victims of these illegal military operations.

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Supplemental Submission to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

A supplement petition seeking remedies on behalf of the victims.

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Understanding Self Determination - The Basics

Applying international law to civil wars and wars of national liberation (with case studies).

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Treaties of International Humanitarian (Armed Conflict) Law

Armed confilict since the beginning of time has generate humanitarian issues. Rational and caring people around the globe have devoted much time and effort in developing international laws against inhumane activities and specifically during times of armed conflict. Although violations continue to occur, much has been accomplished. Many organizations like AHL around the globe, continue to monitor violations, seek remedies, and encourage participation in preventive measures.


Geneva Convention Articles

Hague Conference 1907

Report of the Special Rapporteur on Terrorism - Ms. Kalliopi K. Koufa

Discusses international law matters pertaining to terrorism, specifically definitions and kinds of terrorism.

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Report of the Special Rapporteur on Sanctions - Marc Bossuyt

Introduces a six-prong test to determine if a trade embargo and other economic sanctions violate human rights and humanitarian law. When sanctions primarily impact a civilian population, they may be illegal.

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